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Sunday, October 30, 2005

EU internet

The European union has threatened to start it's own internet and I say let them. They deserve the oportunity to endure the Dial-ups, the disconnects, the blue screens, the blackscreens,check discs, program not responding, low memory,screen freezes,please wait, dropped connection.to say nothing of viruses, bugs,trojans, that I have endured for the last 15 yrs..After building 4 computers i have finally arrived with high-speed road runer..and another obsolete computer and I'm planning on another one that will be obsolete almost as soon as I get it completed..I don't see any end to it as I am getting vibes that the PC is on the way out and everything will mutate to the phone WHAT???

Saturday, October 29, 2005

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Global Economy

Is globalization of the major companies in America a good thing for the country? After nurturing these companies for many years, some of them have become world wide industries and many of them owe no allegiance toward the US..EXON says if we don't want to buy their $3.oo a gallon gas they can readily sell it all to China..Chilling thought eh mate..It also seems that the developement of alternative fuels will be left up to the oil companies, but only when they have drained the last drop of oil in the world and wrecked all the economies with exorbitant price gouging..The president said we could help by conserving on fuel Etc. If you believe that I have a piece of oceanfront property in Arizona i'll sell you!!!Our survival has been tied to energy and the environmentalist have conned us into believing that the world will end if we don't do aomething about global warming..It looks like we will need global warming when the present sources of energy run out..Just kidding!!If we don't do anything the world is going to end anyway so why go through all the worry and frustration of trying to postpone it? In my little finite mind I know you and I and all that come after us are going to die one way or another. I can't see any good tidings in trying to postpone the inevitable that has been set since the beginning of time..If you have any better thoughts, lets hear them>>>

Will the UN Play mumbeley Peg again

Asking the UN to apply sanctions to Iran is just another futile attempt to jump-start this bloated bureaucracy into performing something that it was intended to do but has been hamstrung continually by It's own misdirection and failures that it has become a cancer used only by those members seeking support for regime building and corruption. How one such body can continue unfettered in the eyes of an entire world is beyond pale..I'm reminded of a movie that I saw once called "The Money Pit" or the definition of a boat "A hole in the water in which you pour money".

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


My blind faith will carry me just so far..after staying up until the wee ours of the morning and having the astros fissle like an aborted rocket, I think I know when it is time to jump ship and turn my attention to the Basketball team..Maybe the houston sports teams are snakebitten forever..I'm just glad my son had the world series tickets and not me..goodnght astros!!!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

World series

The astros looked pretty sorry last night..It is just as though they didn't make any extra effort to get a man off third base(three times) games are not won if such things continue..Our hitters are not doing their job and there was some very poor fielding and gee, not to mention the bad throws to first base..If that doesn't improve tonight I'll turn the tv off and come back to my computer..Its not a shame to lose if you have done your best, but highly paid pros are not supposed to make as many mistakes and play as sloppy as I saw last night..Here's looking for a bettter night forthwith !!!!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Gun Lawsuits

The legislation to curb lawsuits against gun manufacturers is a step in the right direction to stop lawyers from seeking to pin resonsibility on deep pocket producers of products that have no connection to a criminal act..Just because a lawyer can't get any money from the person commiting a crime doesn't mean it is proper to pursue a manufacturer..This could lead to suing carmakers, batmakers,knifemakers,or any number of instruments used to kill an individual..It's total nonsense for the legal community to be allowed to distort the criminal process purely for profit..The courts need to take up the challenge and disallow such frivilous actions..To me these lawsuits are examples of criminal greed and should not be allowed..what say you?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Astros lose

I am quite disappointed with the performance last night of the Astros..How many times does it take to sink in that you have to play the game through..I have no idea what they were thinking, but last minute efforts by the losing team is always the most determined..It seened to me that Lidge wanted to savor the moment and linger in the spotlight just a little longer instead of bearing down and finishing with a flurry of his best pitches..David Eckstine should never have wormed his way on base..what was needed? One more good pitch and any pitcher worth his salt should be able to muster that up..

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Islams plan for the East and farther

I believe that the much discussed letter from OSB to Zarcawi to be authentic since it affirms the progression the terroist have pursued from the beginning..The prime intent is to control the world oil supply..(Some people even believe that is what the US wants to do)..They want to deny the letter is authentic to take the pressure off that will surely build from this exposure..I hope the naysayers and anti war nuts will take heed to what is happening here and not help the enemy any further by insisting we leave Iraq now and accelerate the inevitable..

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Astros win

Can you believe that game went on for 18 innings..I think I drank two pots of coffee and almost went numb a few times but managed to see it through..So now on to the cards..

Saturday, October 08, 2005

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Non Com School

Shortly after I became a staff sergeant in the 82nd I went to nco school..for you folks that have never been in one of these things; It's a real cram course and of course we had inspection every Saturday morning. I'll never forget one particular inspector who was the very best at finding things to gig you on..One particular time he went all around the room and checked every thing and found nothng to gig me and my room mate on..So help me God he unscrewed the light bulb and wrote us up for not polishing the brass inside!!!!!! I thought a little humor wouldn't hurt since I am normally on someones case...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Take responsibility for your life

Every time I see this advise, it reminds me that these advisors were probably never in a first line military organization..the only place that I can think of that organizes your life more than the military is prison..but, we're no talking about complete immobilization..From the time you enlist through basic training, through advanced training, through special training adnausea, you have no real choices about your duties. For some reason or other the powers that be think everything you do should be the army way; and that is not usually the way you would normaly do things. I guess it is like a doctor who sets up his practice. Only you never finish it is always more practice even though you know it can't get any better until someone invents a better mousetrap to help overcome repetitive faux pas..If there is any other outfit that is harder on the troops than the 82nd Airborne I don't want to be in them!!

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