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Monday, November 28, 2005

administrative gridlock

Why does the government keep claiming that to deport the illegal aliens would cost too much..Me thinks that it ia a political dodge..I don't claim to be smart in these matters, but it seems to me that we should require employers to identify these folks and turn them over to the INS. They would probably do so if they were fined a hefty sum if one was found in their employ and not reported..There might be enough money from the fines to return the illegals to their place of origin..Maybe $10,000.00 the first offence and double the fine for eacn offense afterward..We might ever make enough on fines to raise th minimum wage so our own citizens could afford to do these jobs!!

Deporting illegals

The admimistration claims that to deport the illegal aliens would be too expensive..It seems to me that it would be within the governments power to require the employers of these folks to report their whereabouts to law enforcement agents and pick them up and remove them..You say its too expensive, well how about a ten thousand dollar fine for each illegal alien found on their payroll..Maybe this would be enough money to fly them all back to beyond where they came from..Maybe enough for the government to raise the minimum wage so our folks can afford to do the work the illegal aliens were doing. Enough of the excuses from the feds that they are powerless to do the right thing and protect our borders as required by law..We are being politicked to death and we should let them know that we are sick and tired of it...

Friday, November 25, 2005

Water over the dam Misjudgement

If you want to talk about misjudgement, then think about the way the administration talked it up about how the Iraqis would greet us with open arms as liberators and even told the Iraqi Army to just lay down their arms and go home to their families..Do you remember that? And it seemed to be happening until the insurrection began..I don't quite know the time table for those events but I thought at the time it was a very unusual way to fight a war and leave everyone in the country with an Ak47 to defend his family. The peaceful assumption turned out to be a terrible mistake and the military turned into ununiformed insurgents. That's when we should have really cracked down and declared martial law. I'm assuming any one reading this knows what that is. I believe that was the most serious mistake in the whole conflict and I have never seen anyone mention it here to fore.It's not about oil, it's not about ocupation, It is about establishing an anti terrioist government that would be the bane of the militant muslims in that region..It remains to be seen if it can be accomplished with all the non support and finger pointing that only aids the terrioist regime. So enough of this finger pointing and get off our political high-horses to just quit and hope for the best resulting in another unfinished conflict. This time it will bring more serious consequences..I think I'll have another cup of hot black coffee!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Bad Hindsight

It is bad when folks won't even take heed to their hind sight, which is supposed to be pretty near perfect, and remember that we have two stigmatized situations that were never completed because of non-support by the general public and all the nay-sayers who are easily influenced. I refer you to the unfinished wars in Korea and Vietnam. Both were ended with a shakey truce and require American troops to keep the peace. If we listen to the spineless naysayers of today, and pull our troops out of Iraq before that country can govern itself It will be another black day in blackrock that we will live to regret. Just be sure to take all the names of those who oppose the liberation and unification of the 26 million folks in Iraq so we will know who caused the calamity..The terrorist will be a huge winner and acquire another base of operations in which they can operate with impunity..Think about it!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Not Good News

The world body of nations are still trying to diddle with the internet..Or so I heard on the tele before noon..Don't know if the US is evern included?

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Gutless Congress

How long could the political disfunction of the congress go on if the American people don't rise up and change the faces for somethng new..From the constant political wrangling up there now it seems the obligation of the elected to their constituents is taking a way, way backseat to the ambitions of almost every jackleg up there..Promises, promises, promises during the electioneering and not a single one kept in the last five years..Maybe I won't live long enough to see it, but I would like to see the presidency cut to one six year term since nothing is ever accomplished when the pres becomes a lame duck..In this case there will be three years of nothing done..Can our country afford this kind of do nothingness?? What if we paid congress like they want to pay the other federal workers? Good pay if you work hard and earn incentive pay. I'll drink to that!!!I can hardly stand it because the voters have not seen to make them serve us since we are the ones to put them there..The beat goes on though year after year after year..Is this what we want folks? And we criticize the royalty of England!!!!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Media miss

On the local ABC news last night they reported that three honduran illegals broke into a mans house on a home invasion..The home owner confronted the invaders with a street sweeper shotgun..They left but it was determined that one was armed with a fully loaded nine mm pistol. The media reporter stated that the police chided the man and said he shouldn't have done such a dangerous thing!! The only mistake I think he made was not in shooting them all..Houston is noted for home invasions, driveway robberies, burglaries every night almost..Most folks that are unarmed usually suffer beatings, being disabled or even death..No one should ever be made to feel ashamed or suffer admonishment for defending his home and family..Shame to those responsible for doing so..

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Frances 9/11?

Do you wonder why France allowed the uprising to get so far out of hand? Me Too.. but I'm afraid that It will encourage other muslim enclaves to rise up and join what they see as the beginning of a jihadic victory..It could happen in this country as well..We have frittered away our time with political hacks and strangled the will of our military. Not those brave individuals that are engaged at the moment, but the replacenents that are necessary to keep even the same level of effort from day to day..We don't have enough of the right kind of troops to fight the kind of war we are in at the moment..I saw where they wanted to train and field at least 52000 special forces troops..It takes years to develop these kind of individuals and where are they coming from ? I just wish I knew how full the training fields were in Ft. Benning and Ft Bragg..I have a strange feeling that they are not as active as they were in the forties and fifties..Where should we lay the fault..Upon the congress, the american people, politics. I'm not sure there is somewhere to point a finger..I do know one thing though; the American folks had better get out of this complacent attitude toward war or it may be us burning..Call me a war monger if you want because my shoulders are broad>>

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Oh! France

I guess the devil is making me do this, But Frenchy, Don't you just love the muslims now??

Bush in Argentina

I really can't see what Bush expects to gain there..all that can happen as a result of this trip is that another piece of the US be lost. I have never been a supporter of NAFTA nd I feel the same way about SAFTA. We don't need another one-sided trade agreement. Just look what has happened with Mexico. The earlier growing season has cost our farmers dearly by the prices going down before ours mature..and We are subjected to produce that is harvested before it is ready for market..Have you ever gotten an avocado that is already black inside? Not an uncommon thing now..not to mention the sky high prices..I Don't even try to get them anymore..This is free trade? From what I am seeing on TV today, It is certain that we are not well liked in the south american countries..Free trade will not help that...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

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