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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Google/Chinese Internet

I find it quite amusing that the Chinese strangle hold on it's information that is available to their citizens is about to com unraveled..It's either that or they will be stranded with the heavily censored verson offered by the totalitorian government. What is so amusing is that the people are being told that they are getting the censored version for their own good..All the chinese citizens are not fooled..They know their end of the stick smells bad.

Media Influence

How can the bush administration think the public would not react the way they have to the port operational takeover..We have been pummeled for over four years about the bad things going on in the Arab world by the press and tele, and very little about the greater Arab world that are not terrorists. And much to our surprise they can easily be created by a simple cartoon! But be that as it may, we can blame the media for their steadfast reporting of mostly the really bad news and vey little of the good.I did know the the Arab emirates had extended a friendly hand when the Saudis were unwilling to allow our forces to use their airspace. We moved some air operations away from El Sultan because of it. In my opinion our worst enemy in the Arab world is probably Saudi Arabia, but they also have nearly all the oil so it makes for a lot of boot licking..

Sunday, February 19, 2006


I'm not surprised that we are hearing rumors that the administration knew of the wmd's transfer out of the country..First off, we told the Iraqi govt the time table for our attack. Not the exact date, but imminent within a few days..Sadam knew he couldn't hope to stop it so he done the next best thing he could which was to try to save some face..He ordered the Iraqi military to take all the money, all the incriminating documents and any wmd that was lying around and transport it to another country..The only one we suspect of receiving them was Syria since we don't really know what was transported out of Iraq on those long secretive convoys that we know traveled to Syria..I guess there was so much of it that there was no room for Sadam. Everyone knows that since there was none found, it had to be either burried in the remote desert or transported out..I vote transported to Syria on that long convoy that never returned to Iraq..

Friday, February 17, 2006

US port operations

I am outraged that our major ports on the east coast are about to be managed by the Arab Emirates..What utter insanity has led up to this situation..We are not incapable of managing our own facilities, so what gives here? Have we been sold down the river? Looks pretty darn scarry to me..When are we going to give them the rest of the country. I guess this is what you can expect from a congress who would sell their mother and all her kin to get re-elected..Partisan politics rules!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Zipped lips

Perhaps now that the hearing is over and the wire tapping and spying is legal, maybe all the naysayers can zip their lips. However, I wish the persons responsible for exposing the use of wire tapping and listening to phone calls would be charged with treason and punished..It is the constant blabbering and complaining that made it necessary to bring this before congress and drag it around like a filthy rag until it has been exposed to the enemy and is not as effective as it could have been if everyone had treated it as the secret that it was..Since when do the courts have to know everything that is going on during a war? Don't forget that Osama Bin Laden would probably have been captured back in Afganistan if some one had not revealed that we were listening on the satellite Phone!!! Each time the enemy is aided by the unwitting exposure of any of our intentions, the war is extended that much more..It is beyond me why any person would be so treasonous in the interest of political correctness..

Friday, February 03, 2006

Arab pictures??

I must have missed something as of late. Arabs upset about cartoon pictures? Oh well if it tears them up so be it. I don't think that anything could be so bad as their videos of them beheading innocent folks..More power to the danes and anyone else that was involved..