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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Media Influence

How can the bush administration think the public would not react the way they have to the port operational takeover..We have been pummeled for over four years about the bad things going on in the Arab world by the press and tele, and very little about the greater Arab world that are not terrorists. And much to our surprise they can easily be created by a simple cartoon! But be that as it may, we can blame the media for their steadfast reporting of mostly the really bad news and vey little of the good.I did know the the Arab emirates had extended a friendly hand when the Saudis were unwilling to allow our forces to use their airspace. We moved some air operations away from El Sultan because of it. In my opinion our worst enemy in the Arab world is probably Saudi Arabia, but they also have nearly all the oil so it makes for a lot of boot licking..


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