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Sunday, February 19, 2006


I'm not surprised that we are hearing rumors that the administration knew of the wmd's transfer out of the country..First off, we told the Iraqi govt the time table for our attack. Not the exact date, but imminent within a few days..Sadam knew he couldn't hope to stop it so he done the next best thing he could which was to try to save some face..He ordered the Iraqi military to take all the money, all the incriminating documents and any wmd that was lying around and transport it to another country..The only one we suspect of receiving them was Syria since we don't really know what was transported out of Iraq on those long secretive convoys that we know traveled to Syria..I guess there was so much of it that there was no room for Sadam. Everyone knows that since there was none found, it had to be either burried in the remote desert or transported out..I vote transported to Syria on that long convoy that never returned to Iraq..

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