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Sunday, July 30, 2006


How utterly convenient. Congress can use the current situation in Lebanon to stall all the legislation that needs done until the November election and perhaps it will all go away??!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Dealing with the Illegal Aliens

I just had a brilliant idea of how to handle the illegals: We should institute the draft and start drafting them into the army..call them the mexican brigades or something to identify them and make them feel elite..When they have served their time then we offer them citizenship..We need soldiers and they need a new home since Mexico don't ever intend to provide an economic base for their people. The way it is now, they are going to ruin ours..If they didn't want the army offer, then they would be deported back to mexico.. Maybe then our school teens could work their way through college with a job paying the minimum wage or better.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My 4th of July

No company is coming, I'm barbecuing a small pork loin inside because it is going to rain, and I'll watch the Astros play Chicago Cubs while wishing that I could turn the clock back to a kinder more peaceful world than we now live in..That hardly seems likely though so I'll just content myself with peace here at home, Maybe even cut a watermellon.

Dirty pool in congress

The article I used yesterday pointed to a problem in 2004 and it has probably became much worse now. The complete congress has been caught up in serving the needs of a corporate world that owes no allegiance to the United States. We have been sold out to global conglomerates and all their subsidiaries..How did we get to the point that all legislation seems to have the stamp of approval of the corporate world on it? Thus, we deduce that Congress no longer serves the people who put them there..We do have a cure for that: Replace them all!!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Supreme Court

I'm going to make this a short one because I am aware of only the decisions that have made the media coverage, but it seems to me that the court has completely lost their way in regard to the things they are supposed to rule on..Instead of interpreting the constitution of the United States, they are using statutes from god knows where to render their decisions..How in the world can a stretch be made to cover these Non-uniformed militant muslim thugs with the Geneva convention articles is beyond me..I guess next they will say they are covered by the articles of war(that might be ok)..Oh well when you are huge toad frogs in a small pond I guess you can do anything that strikes your fancy.