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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Disorganized Government

If you had been watching c-Span yesterday, you would have seen a govt that is paralyzed when it comes to dealing with the millions of illegal folks that have invaded our country..Yes, I said invaded: you can call it what you want, but what I saw was thousands of illegals on the streets not doing any of the jobs that americans won't do. I also see that Bush is going to meet with Vincente Fox and I guess it's because he needs some advise on how to deal with the illegal invasion..I'm he can get plenty of that from the Mexican President..There will be no real changes in policy because the congress has no guts to go against the corporate community for fear that they won't get all t;he money they provide for their war chests for re-election..If we forced the congress to run on their congressional records instead of how well they can pontificate in their speaches, things would be a lot different...

Friday, March 24, 2006

lawmakers re-election

I can undestand the need for a large sum of money needed for a first time electee, but I think that a lawmaker that is up for re-election for the umpteenth time should be required to win or fall on his record..No need for a huge amount of money here; just put his record out there and it will speak for itself..What do you think?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Congressional readership

It is amazing to me that so many folks in congress cannot read the hand writing on the wall or the past rulings of the usage of surveilance techniques..Any one with just a few minutes of research would realize that He has broken NO law in the endeavor to obtain in formation necessary to prevent terroist attacks..I say again that untold harm has been done to this program by the unknowing, unwitting,uncaring politically ambitious anti war crowd in the sacred halls of congress. National security is the business of both the republicans and democrats alike and should be done in a Bi-partisan manner..The use of information snooping should never have the seen the light of day in the news. Surely some things are not political fodder.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Sanctions on Iran

Russia and China have already stated that they will veto any effort to impose sanctions on Iran, so why go forward with a lot of hoopla and useless UN talk..That means that if anything is done about Iran it will have to be done without the UN(are you surprised)? Evidently Russia and China have very lucrative business deals going on and maybe France also. These two nations have always stood in the way of promoting anything fair and equitable inside the UN. It's just another one of those things that the US will have to take the bull by the horns and be villified by every anti war protester both in the EU and our own country. We can't Ignore the problem either since we are the only nation besides Israel that can really do anything..We'll just have to wait and see..

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Chess Game

Well not much to blog about so I will tell one on me. My grand son who is 23 now has played chess with me for years. Now he has become a smart alec and beat me when I didn't intend for him to..Shall I try to Improve my game or just quit playing..The score would be about 20 to 1 except for the last game..I suspected he had been practicing a lot when the game before last ended in a draw..Maybe at 77 I had better hang it up..nahhh

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Pain and consequences

Well, I understand Pain but consequences leaves a squishy, uncertain atmosphere that I somehow don't worry about..I do know that Iran had better think long and hard about how much pain and consequences the US is capable of administering. The US should have really come down hard on them when they held our embassy folks hostage for over 400 days..Maybe we should remember that when we have to inflict pain and circumstances in the future. That won't happen until the diplomatic corps have fallen on their faces a few dozen times though. Negotiations are fine, but they have to come to an end sometime..

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bye Bye retirement fund

Well I see in the washington times that the money starved Bush administration is planning to dip into the federal retirement fund to keep from raising the national debt again..Never in history has the govt. paid back any funds with anything but IOU'S which are worthless because they are never redeamed. So bye bye 655 Bln. I don't see anything that indicates that our economic base is going to get healthy with the Republicans outsourcing everything. Our manufacturing base is in complete shambles..Small businesses are fine, but they are not likely to provide the manufacturing ability this country needs in time of war..There will always be a need for heavy manufacturing and hopefully we don't have to depend on some global company to provide it..If you don't believe this then just check the names on the heavy equipment you see everywhere.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Gaza terrorist base

Indications are that Hamas has turned the Gaza strip into a terrorist camp, and now we're getting vibes that they are inviting Al chiada to join them. This spells much danger for Israel and much of the rest of the world..There is also rumblings that the West Bank will follow..There seems to be support for this by Syria, Iran and God knows how many other Arab countries..I sincerely hope that we don't sit on our hands and allow this thing to become a huge thorn in the middle east..The head of the snake needs to be defanged enough that this can not happen..

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Security leaks

Why blame the media for security leaks? The persons who are entrusted to safeguard sensitive information are the real culprits..These folks are cleared for secret and should be dealt with accordingly. The penalty for disclosing secret information is spelled out in the regulations which all persons who hold secret clearances must sign..It is a mystery to me that some folks seem to think that secrets are ok to disclose if you are doing it for political purposes..The government is remiss for not prosecuting those folks to the full extent of the law and serving notice that secrets are meant to be kept under wraps. The media cannot print what they don't know and that is the way it should be..I had secret clearences for years while working for the Navy, Air Force and the Army as a civilian and I would not dare tell anyone anything, Especially the Media..

Voting promises

It is interesting to note that the republican candidates in my area are a little hardput for good campaign promises...They just opt out and say that it is time for a change..Change to what? Just another culprit like we had already..I will admit, however,that no matter who is elected to office now will never be able to bring the government back to par..It is just not possible in say less than ten years for the deficit and never for the 8.2 TRILLION Debt. Most of this debt is owned by foreign governments and nothing has been paid on it since 1999..Our credit card is getting pretty well over the limit..