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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Pain and consequences

Well, I understand Pain but consequences leaves a squishy, uncertain atmosphere that I somehow don't worry about..I do know that Iran had better think long and hard about how much pain and consequences the US is capable of administering. The US should have really come down hard on them when they held our embassy folks hostage for over 400 days..Maybe we should remember that when we have to inflict pain and circumstances in the future. That won't happen until the diplomatic corps have fallen on their faces a few dozen times though. Negotiations are fine, but they have to come to an end sometime..


  • "negotiate" infers that there is a communication process going on. Communication with theb ragheads and the gotdam Iranians is impossible. Appeasement is seen by them as a weakness to be exploited. The only possible long term solution is inflicting pain and a hell of a lot of it. IsLamic terrorists may never be defeated but enough pain can be inflicted on the governments and the people that abet them that they can be contained. I would not be sorry ( although saddened at the deaths ) if Tehran was reduced to a 5000 year half life of smoldering radioactive sand. This is the kind pf pain that the Ragheads understand and would not hesitate to use themselves if they had the opportunity.

    By Blogger GUYK, at March 11, 2006 7:24 AM  

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