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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New Orleans

Can you imagine a city of almost 2 million people with no gas station, no grocery store, no phone, no tv (except emergency services) and almost no habitable homes..That is New Orleans now. From the Jetsons to even lower than the Flinstones in about 12 hours..A huge modern city that has suddenly become a city with streets filled with water in some places as much as 25 ft..Some folks who couldn't leave for one reason or another can only be rescued with boats and helicopters. The nearest gas station that could pump gas was 70 miles away and enen it is out now..Most of the people evacuated and are stranded wherever they are..Even if they could come back now, there is nothing for them..and probably won't be for weeks..A really,, really huge disaster>>

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Latin gangs in America

The news keeps reporting on the thousands of gang members from South America, showing their tatoos and id marks. Is te press better at finding these individuals than our own law enforcement? Why are they allowed to stay in the US when we know for sure that they are illegals and didn't come here to take jobs that Americans won't do? These folks are desperately dangerous and must be deported back to their home countries..Let them face the music there where they have caused so much mayhem that they were being shot on sight. As I read the picture, they are pretty easy to identify..The aclu(small letters intentional) can squeel all ;they want to about profilling these folks..I say damn the aclu and full speed ahead..

Thursday, August 25, 2005


I just noticed in the news here in houston that some of the local guard is being deployed to Kosovo for 18 mos duty..I have no idea how many are scattered around the world doing this duty. Since this duty is in the balkans, I believe we should leave it to the Europeans to take care of since they are doing nothing else but taking pot shots at the US..

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Walk out on the war

To those of you who want to throw up your hands and walk out on the war: May I remind you that we have already done that three times and those countries are still bitter enemies and have cost us a gazillion dollars..I don't know about you but I would like for us to win one for a change..

Hydrogen powered cars

As I watched the news last night, I noticed that the hydrogen powered car was dripping water out the tail pipe. Ten as I watched, it hit me: thousands of cars stopping at busy intersections for as much as two minutes or more and dripping water from the tail pipes as well as the air conditioners and you have the making of a pretty sloppy intesection..Just wet enough to be sloppy and there goes all the clean cars down the tube..This would be perpetual in a place like downtown Houston and it might be noticed..Or maybe, what can a little clean water hurt..

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sick gerneration at home

I wasn't going to post anything today but I have been compelled to do so by some of the comments I have read coming from the lips of the anti war protesters and others who want to withdraw troops and leave the terriorists to fester and strengthen in Iraq, afghanistan and other countries. If the greatest generation had faltered as these folks are trying to do, they would be speaking Japanese or German..Think about that when you protest the use of military force to control those who would destroy our freedom..The very freedom that gives you the right to protest and belly ache..So go ahead and act that way for you are certainly belitteling yourself to the greatest generation folks..Sorry theres only about 4 million of us left..

Thursday, August 18, 2005


I just became aware of something that I oppose. I don't watch much tv because of the saturation of advertisements and I strongly oppose people using the comment section of blogs to advertise..If this continues the useful blogging will go into the toilet..because of shall we say adverblog?

Sunday, August 14, 2005

What about Iran?

What do you think we should do about Iran? I think that we should do nothing and keep a very big stick ready when the Europeans have talked themselves silly and utterly failed as they are bound to do. Germany down already, France not up to start with and we'll soon know about the rest of them..They gave us the shaft so lets just lay low and let them frost over..

Friday, August 12, 2005

Gas Ratlioning???

During world war 2 there was a shortage of products due to the war effort..Gasoline was one of them..Now we have a shortage of gasoline due to (you pick um)..to solve this shortage the industry has decided to raise prices until the economy says uncle..There is also another way and that is rationing to everyone so that the pain is distributed equally..It worked in ww 2 and it will work today..institute rationing coupons until alternative fuel can take up the slack..Which way would you rather see it done?? The way it is going to be fone now, or rationing in a more fair way..

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Unfinished wars

We have on our hands today two unfinished wars due to the breakdown of support from the American people..We have troops over there now and they have been there for 40 or so years..If the antis have their way we will add another..The terroists will not be contained by withdrawing our troops too early. On the contrary, they think they think they are making headway when they watch the news and hear that support for the war is waning,,Thats exactly what caused us to be tied up in Korea and Vietnam. and you want to add Iraq to the list of unfinished business..Wars ane not won by the President, congress or a disgruntled public as mentioned above, but by a dedicated military..The least we can do is not tie their hands by constant disapproval and finger pointing to whomever we choose to blame..This only encourages the enemy..

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Up Armor for Humvees

The contracts for up armor was awarded to O'Gara..does that sound like an american company? It's not..They are located in France, Germany, and Latin America. A world wide company dedicated to supplying anyone anything that they manufacture..Does that sound like we have any control over production of Military hardware? Think again..No one has ever explained the delay in obtaining armor for our humvees. Could this be the reason..Not made in America..

Monday, August 08, 2005

Muslim leaders speak out..

I have seen a few blogs that seem to give praise to those muslims who were speaking out lately..I have a reservation..Why did they wait so long when they were being asked over and over to take the lead in condemning the killings..I think I shall hold my recognition until I see some fire under all that smoke. I'm not even sure if what they say means anything to to the terrorists..

Unpopular way to end the war

Pull our troops out of all the places where they are not wanted anyway..Put them in Iraq and kick some serious butt until there are only loyal Iraqis left..Then tell Saudi Arabia we will take control of their oil and make camel drivers out of the Royal Family if they don't stop encouraging and funding the terrorists..Money for the militants will dry up and that might not be the only thing that will dry up..Then we'll see who likes americans or hates them..You say: God that's barbaric..Yes and so is 10 years of draining the resources of the US and driving us to become another third world nation..War is not amusing. On the contrary it is deadly serious and most times is the only method to correct world problems..As I said from the start such action is rather unpopular, but I never saw a war that was popular either..

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Congressional indifference

I could hardly believe the two congressmen yesterday saying the they didn't have the guts to force the issue of illegal imigration..Why are they up there? Just to feather their nest and all their corporate cronies..It cetainly seems so..And to admit it publcly on tv should certainly mean defeat at the polls for any forward thinking American..To not do any house cleaning in congress is almost unamerican..


I'm sitting here this morning thinking about Pearl harbor, The A-bomb, and 9\11..It comes to mind if there had been no pearl harbor, Hitler and his cronies may have indeed conquered the world..And now The Militant muslims may have done so too if only they would not have attacked the American Eagle..And I can't see for the life of me why the American people are growing so complacent in the middle of this conflict..Are we becoming so anti Military that that we are no longer willing to fight for the freedom we have and are willing to allow our very shores to be invaded by multitudes of folks who intend to do us harm while we bend our laws to protect them while they flaunt our laws and religious freedom...Wake up folks! There has to be a limit of nicey nicey..

Monday, August 01, 2005

U N Ambassador

I know many folks will contend that Bolton is not the man for the Job but, I personally am glad to see him up there. He may be just the man to put his thumb in the eye of this unruly body of misfits and extortionist..You probably think that I have little use for the UN. YES you are right. I'm for sending the whole mess to Somalia and give them something to rule since that nation does not have a government!!!!