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Saturday, June 25, 2005

War Timetable

Some folks are callig for a timetable for the Iraq War..This is not a game folks, or maybe we should demand that the insurgents set rules like time outs, change sides, postponements, penalties for illegal combat, Etc..Maybe this way we can say the war will be over at such and such a time...Then we can all go home have a barbecue and feel real good about the whole thing..The rules of war however, are not compatible with gamesmanship. The enemy has not agreed to the rules that some folks want to set....Indeed, they would like to see a timetable so they could really coordinate their attacks in the most effective manner and conserve their manpower for the best effective operations..How naive can some people be that are calling for such nonsense..

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The cost of Freedom

Well I feel a little better after that last post and I have had my cake and ice cream..But I still don't know how anyone could sit on their hands in a great country such as ours and not realize that te cost of freedom is laying all over the world today underneath white crosses..I guess it just doesn't register that as we go about our daily routine without the enemy knocking down our doors(tell that to the 9\11 folks) It always happens the same way: we sit idle as the anti freedom forces build up and finally threaten our very doors. Then people wake up and wonder why we didn't see this coming and stop it's advaance before it got out of hand..We are almost in that shape now with the majority of our folks wanting to leave Iraq and allow the middle east to really explode..and what about the 5th column in this country? Have we all forgot?

Bad Behavior

I have been a democrat forever. Why? Well frankly i'm beginning to wonder this as I hear members of my party say things that are almost treasonal..I should think that all of congress could find something other than the war in Iraq to use as a political football..Senator(and I use that word loosely) Durbin should no longer be a member of congress since he likes to aid and abet the arab street at the expense of our troops and other factions in Iraq..It is preposterous that anyone would not realize that such statements that he made would result in encouraging the enemy and prolonging the effort put forth to defeat terrorism. Im not just expressing disapproval of such actions; I'm flaming red-hot mad....

Blog surfing

I try to surf as many blogs as I have time for, butI have a dislike for the blogs that don't use the standard forms with the next blog feature..I appreciate the talent of those folks who make their own templates, but wish they would include the next blog feature..Just a thought. I can live with it, but I don't like it..

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Small pet Or very large man Posted by Hello

Identity Theft

Another report today of private information pilfered from or lost at FDIC..I would like to see the Government take the bull by the horns and punish the large firms and govt entities that require so much of your personal information and then fail to safeguard against thievery..It is an easy excuse to alert all of the victims after the fact and tell them you are the one that is responsible for the horrendous theft of your identity and you are totaly responsible to take any steps necessary to correct your loss..If these entities are not able to safeguard your information then I don't believe they are even entitled to ask for it..And just where is the US Government on all this shenanagry?? There is no excuse for them to sit on their hands and pretend they are not able to do anything...

Friday, June 10, 2005

Lawn mower pollution

Congress is thinking about putting polution devices on small engines..I can just see it all now..You must take all your small engines in every year to be sure the smog devices are working..inspection at 25 dollars each..state tax, city tax, more record management etc. Can you just imagine the cahous all this will cause not to mention the cost of all this added requirement..Please just hurry and get polution free engines burning polution free fuel and stop temporary fixesI can't even imagine what this wild idea will wind up costing Joe public..

Thursday, June 09, 2005

A spectacular Bridge in Denmark Posted by Hello