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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Terriorists driven from Somalia

I may be opening a huge can of worms, but I have had it with the continual evidence the Saudi Arabia is financing the terrorist movements throughout the world..Don't you think that it is about time to expose all the sheiks who are responsible for this activity and crack down on the Saudi regime to either cease and desist such activity or suffer severe consequences..Something like occupation of the country to prevent all this crap..Two things would happen: terrorist activity would dry up and blow away and we could restore sanity to the oil market..Just wishing of course, but just think about it..It will have to come to a head smetime.


  • I don't know Howard..I have read a lot of stuff that makes the claims but have yet to see the proof..but there is proof and a lot of it that the Irainians are financing terrorists..and so was Saddam Hussein. For that matter some so called
    Islamic charities in the USA have ties to the Palestinian terrorists.. a USF professor is now in the slammer because of it.

    The Saudis may well be our most valuable ally in the mideast after the Israelis. They do not like the Iranians and that is enough for me to want to continue the alliance with them.

    By Blogger GUYK, at January 08, 2007 12:11 PM  

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