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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Stolen Identities

Stolen identities are a very serious problem to those persons affected by their use by Illegals. Here is an example reported just lately when the Swift Meat Co was raided. Man's ID theft linked to raids, Illegal Alien Workers used his information in 3 different states
Corpus Christi Caller-Times

A former Landry's busboy is bucking Uncle Sam, who wants a cut of $75,790 earned by employees at three national meat processing companies using Steven De Leon Aumada's identification.

Aumada, 21, says he feels "skinned and filleted" after realizing he might be trapped in the web of worker deceit that led immigration officials to raid six Swift & Co. meat processing plants Tuesday in six states, according to officials. The Internal Revenue Service notified Aumada in July that he owed $19,998 in income taxes, penalties and interest for work reported in his name and Social Security number by Swift & Co. in Greeley, Colo., Tyson Fresh Meats Inc. in Springdale, Ark., and National Beef Packing Company LLC in Liberal, Kan.

full story

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