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Friday, August 25, 2006

Who got those jobs last month???

When Bush said last month tht there were 120000 jobs made I just got to thinking. Why sure there were that many jobs made because that is about the the number of illegals that came to take the jobs that Americans won't do..Most all our industrial jobs are in the toilet and no one gives a damn..Just as long as they get re-elected is all they care about. What do they intend to do about this massive invasion of foreign labor that is starving the very jobs that keeps this nation running? How about it congress? Do you intend just to give this country away to the dogs and become a 3rd world country.. I really hope that I am not living to see the outcome of this political fiasco that has been carried on now for over 20 years. Do we as Americans not have the guts to flush congress and get some competent folks that will do the will of the people..Enough of the pandering to industries who care little for this country and carry their business overseas. Is it not necessary to provide good jobs for the folks who live and pay taxes..It strikes me as very problematic for the government to give tax cuts to the rich only to have them invest the money in providing cheap labor here and in the overseas market. We're pretty stupid though and we will keep those cronies who have been there for years and years ripping us off..What say you folks??

Friday, August 18, 2006

National security????

I am wondering if we have any program remnants left that give us a relative amount of security. Sometimes I wish we would just give in to the idiots who want to gut the security measures that are supposed to be secret and render them toothless..Then the bad guys could talk on the phone and the internet and send money back and forth to build and support cells of the enemy here in our back yard and start blowing up america..Wouldn't that be fun? We could charge them with violating our constituional rights except we would be violating their rights by doing so. More aclu demogogery and useless federal judges will not be very effective if it ever comes to that..It all boils down to one thing==there are so many folks in this country that don't believe there is a war on. And if so, then we should stop it..So go ahead all you disbelieving idiots and wait til they knock on your door and there will be no one waiting outside to help you because they don't believe anyone is there since they would be violating your rights. Seriously folks we need to rein in all the judiciary and get them doing what they are on the bench for. Interpret not make law..And congress needs to get off their electioneering ass and see that it is done..

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Are you paying attention?

In the news this morning we see where a bunch of american and british lives were most likely saved by the ability to garner good information. It may even have saved your ass if you fly..The american protesters have to realize that we are not in a polo match but a struggle for the survival of life as we know it. Please get on board with the rest of us that know this to be a fact..