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Friday, November 04, 2005

Bush in Argentina

I really can't see what Bush expects to gain there..all that can happen as a result of this trip is that another piece of the US be lost. I have never been a supporter of NAFTA nd I feel the same way about SAFTA. We don't need another one-sided trade agreement. Just look what has happened with Mexico. The earlier growing season has cost our farmers dearly by the prices going down before ours mature..and We are subjected to produce that is harvested before it is ready for market..Have you ever gotten an avocado that is already black inside? Not an uncommon thing now..not to mention the sky high prices..I Don't even try to get them anymore..This is free trade? From what I am seeing on TV today, It is certain that we are not well liked in the south american countries..Free trade will not help that...


  • You just reminded me of a post I wanted to make and forgot.

    I want someone to explain to me what benefit the free trade agreements are. I know they lower the cost of goods being purchased in the US but it appears we have more funds going out than coming in.

    When the US was a heavily populated manufacturing country with a wide variety of factories and industries, I could see where free trade could help us, but now, with so many of those jobs being outsourced, how does this help us?

    As to Argentine - I think Bush expected some much needed good press and was completely caught off guard with the protests.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Howard. I'm browsing through your last few entries.

    By Blogger Senihele, at November 06, 2005 4:53 PM  

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