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Friday, October 28, 2005

Global Economy

Is globalization of the major companies in America a good thing for the country? After nurturing these companies for many years, some of them have become world wide industries and many of them owe no allegiance toward the US..EXON says if we don't want to buy their $3.oo a gallon gas they can readily sell it all to China..Chilling thought eh mate..It also seems that the developement of alternative fuels will be left up to the oil companies, but only when they have drained the last drop of oil in the world and wrecked all the economies with exorbitant price gouging..The president said we could help by conserving on fuel Etc. If you believe that I have a piece of oceanfront property in Arizona i'll sell you!!!Our survival has been tied to energy and the environmentalist have conned us into believing that the world will end if we don't do aomething about global warming..It looks like we will need global warming when the present sources of energy run out..Just kidding!!If we don't do anything the world is going to end anyway so why go through all the worry and frustration of trying to postpone it? In my little finite mind I know you and I and all that come after us are going to die one way or another. I can't see any good tidings in trying to postpone the inevitable that has been set since the beginning of time..If you have any better thoughts, lets hear them>>>

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