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Friday, October 21, 2005

Gun Lawsuits

The legislation to curb lawsuits against gun manufacturers is a step in the right direction to stop lawyers from seeking to pin resonsibility on deep pocket producers of products that have no connection to a criminal act..Just because a lawyer can't get any money from the person commiting a crime doesn't mean it is proper to pursue a manufacturer..This could lead to suing carmakers, batmakers,knifemakers,or any number of instruments used to kill an individual..It's total nonsense for the legal community to be allowed to distort the criminal process purely for profit..The courts need to take up the challenge and disallow such frivilous actions..To me these lawsuits are examples of criminal greed and should not be allowed..what say you?


  • The irony of the whole thing is that the ones to get hurt the most are the consumers through higher prices to cover the losses. The consumer always pays in the end..

    By Blogger Howard, at October 21, 2005 7:55 AM  

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