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Monday, October 03, 2005

Take responsibility for your life

Every time I see this advise, it reminds me that these advisors were probably never in a first line military organization..the only place that I can think of that organizes your life more than the military is prison..but, we're no talking about complete immobilization..From the time you enlist through basic training, through advanced training, through special training adnausea, you have no real choices about your duties. For some reason or other the powers that be think everything you do should be the army way; and that is not usually the way you would normaly do things. I guess it is like a doctor who sets up his practice. Only you never finish it is always more practice even though you know it can't get any better until someone invents a better mousetrap to help overcome repetitive faux pas..If there is any other outfit that is harder on the troops than the 82nd Airborne I don't want to be in them!!


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