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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Frances 9/11?

Do you wonder why France allowed the uprising to get so far out of hand? Me Too.. but I'm afraid that It will encourage other muslim enclaves to rise up and join what they see as the beginning of a jihadic victory..It could happen in this country as well..We have frittered away our time with political hacks and strangled the will of our military. Not those brave individuals that are engaged at the moment, but the replacenents that are necessary to keep even the same level of effort from day to day..We don't have enough of the right kind of troops to fight the kind of war we are in at the moment..I saw where they wanted to train and field at least 52000 special forces troops..It takes years to develop these kind of individuals and where are they coming from ? I just wish I knew how full the training fields were in Ft. Benning and Ft Bragg..I have a strange feeling that they are not as active as they were in the forties and fifties..Where should we lay the fault..Upon the congress, the american people, politics. I'm not sure there is somewhere to point a finger..I do know one thing though; the American folks had better get out of this complacent attitude toward war or it may be us burning..Call me a war monger if you want because my shoulders are broad>>


  • I'm tellin' ya. All they need to do is shoot a few people and all this will stop. Not one shot has been fired by police.

    Call me a fascist, but this sort of things would never happen in the U.S., or Russia, etc.

    By Blogger Tetracide, at November 10, 2005 9:10 PM  

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