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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Southern Border

As time rocks on, it is more apparent every day that the lawmakers of the US congress have no real intentions of making any significant changes to the current illegal immigration onslaught. Why would the American People want to continue to keep such gutless folks in their congressional seats year after year when they won't even enforce the laws they have made unless in benefits their own political ideology and keeps them insulated with huge amounts of contributions to maintain their warchests and continue to dupe the public that they are indeed trying to serve the folks who sent them there? It has to be recognized by the voting public that a serious change is needed in both parties to restore some simblance of a government of the people for the people. It is obvious to me that the two political parties have stalemated into nothing but continual bickering and power posturing. So much time is spent on crapology that they don't have any left over to do what we sent them up there for in the first place..I'm for a complete sweep of both houses..who is president don't seem to matter anymore..Now, on the war, I think that the constant barage of political correctness and legalism has directly resulted in the two soldiers being captured..A lot of triggers must not have been pulled or there was not enough backup protection..Checkpoints in a war zone are not the same as in a peaceful situation. Our soldiers should be free to fight the war as they were trained to do and not hamstrung by having to look over their shoulder to see if the aclu is looking, or the anti war crowd is close by>> I just wish some of these legal idiots was sent over there to the front line to test their legal phylosophy>>


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