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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

democratic seat loss

If all you demos keep up this anti war charade, you will probably be replaced..I have a solution to keep you from losing the democratic seat though and that is to replace you with another democrat that has a little more understanding of the war on terrorism..Anyone with a little hindsight and an ounce of foresight can see that we are locked in a struggle with the entire wahabic mititants and those folks will have to be destroyed as they will never give up..Why? Because they think that if they die while in battle with infidels such as you and I, they will instantly go to heaven..These lunatics are scattered all over the world just waiting for the right moment to loose Jihad on us all..You probably don't think I have all my marbles and have more than one loose screw, but what if I am right..and if so, we need to all pull together..The only people I'm hearing from that is not stumbling around in the dark is our Military, many republicans, a few stalwart democrats..What are you guys waiting for? Dump Dean, dump Kerry, Dump anyone that aids the terrioists by showing them we are weak and will probably pull out of Iraq so they can fill it with many many jihadists..Then who will take them on? The UN? Pretty funny huh!!!


  • Democrats should get out of the way and let the president sink on his own. He's doing a pretty good job all by himself. And Howard Dean really should sit down and shut-up and Kerry too.

    By Blogger Joan, at December 11, 2005 9:19 AM  

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