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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Border Protection

It is really interesting to note that the corporate business folks are crying that if the illegals are stopped from coming to this country to work, they will suffer terribly with no one to do the work..At the same time they are sending work to other parts of the world and reducing the jobs for our legal workers in almost every industry you can name..Do you get the picture here? Alliance between the corporate entity and the congress to strip this country of the prosperity we have enjoyed for years and drive the US into a non competetive player in the world market. We already have lost thousands and thousands of manufacturing jobs and many of our support type jobs that can be out-sourced..Is there no one alarmed that we make almost nothing in this country. We will not be a super power for much longer at this rate. The money moguls are a little shortsighted in their greed to ride the cheap labor market..Folks have to receive a fair labor price to be able to buy anything..Henry Ford knew this when he started making the model-T fords on an assembly line and selling them at a price his workers could afford..As for the assinine saying that we hear constantly"The illegals only take the jobs that americans don't want", I say it is impossible for our folks to take those jobs that are offered at a wage that cannot sustain living unless you are a hermit living in the park and have no family to support..and besides that it is a myth that the illegals are taking those type jobs..I see with my own eyes every day the carpenters, plumbers, electricians, the roofers etc. that are doing the jobs that used to be done by skilled craftsmen who no longer have a job. The real strength of this nation is going into the toilet!!!As for the imigrants, don't give them jobs or benefits and they will stay at home..Industry will have to pay more to get the work done and the products will cost more, but so what, our people will be working>>


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