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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Five disastrous days

Since I am a retired old coot, I had nothing better to do than to watch the media as they covered the most disorganized fiasco I have ever witnesed..The only thing that really impressed me was the performance of the military..Once they were called they really done the job and moved all those people in about 12 hrs..wouldn't it have been nice if they had been called about 3 days sooner..As I watched from day to day I couldn't help but wonder where were the helicopters and the ampibs. It was obvious that they were what was needed..but no: the bureaucracy had to be satisfied first..Now the blame game starts and if I can read the handwriting on the wall there will be a change in the voting this next election..I don't see Cheney having any effect one way or another on that..As you all know if you have been reading any of my blogs, I am a democrat beacuse you have to be one or the other. But, I like to speak my mind no matter whose ox is gored..I say people first, economy second and politics, Who cares???


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