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Friday, May 27, 2005

Kicking the can

If Kicking the can was a competetive sport, our congress would win every game. They should be experts at every move and kick as well as have the largest collection of scuff-toed shoes in existence..Why is it so important to have political power and esteem when the nation is in dire need of folks with enough moxie to forget about being the strongest kid on the block and do something about the real problems facing our nation IE illegal overload, Horrendous trade deficits, wasted legislative time that only benefits their re-election, Bowing to the thousands of lobiests who clog the halls each day, listening only to those that can provide money for their ungainly careers..There is not room enough on this blog to enumerate all the ills of congress..How does the voters go about blasting this political logjam and replace most of those overdue retirees and hangers-on with genuine firebrand legislators that are interested in promoting good in this country..Do you suppose we will have a budjet on time this year, or will it be another round of continuing resolutions(more can kicking).


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