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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Free Education

I guess I can be called an emigrant basher, but I have to say something when I read in the news that illegal imigrants are getting free college education at taxpayers expense I just can't keep quiet..the worse part of it was that when they finished their degree, they couldn't be gainfully employed because they were not a US citizen..Congress wants to fix that by awarding them a free citizenship too..There are many poor folks here that could use a little of that free stuff they are throwing around..I think we should care for our own first!!!!UNBELIEVABLE


  • How about this...

    Some enroll in the Military, God Bless them, but why not make the Military a sure way to citizen ship. At the end of a successful, fullterm enlistment, we swear you in as a Citizen!

    You now have English as a near first language (and probably a colorful vocabulary), you have (probably) a viable skill and you have potential help with college from the G.I. Bill.

    Beyond that, lets give I.N.S. enough money and a mandate to enforrce existing laws!

    I'm with you,


    By Blogger Kermit, at May 09, 2005 4:22 AM  

  • Hello Howard, I like your blog, nicely laid out & some good pics.
    I have a friend who lives in New Mexico & she tells me about various things in USA. The latest is your Health Service or lack of it. Seems the free medical aid is offered to immigrants but not citizens of your country. Evidently American citizens must have medical insurance even if they have no income.
    In England we have our NHS, which not being perfect at least gaurantees our citizens get free hospital treatment.

    By Blogger Norman, at May 13, 2005 5:57 AM  

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